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Why are my teeth yellow?

A white smile is more important than you may ever know these days.  Teeth can have an effect on your professional and personal life.  First impressions have never been so important and it can really make the difference in various scenarios.  Yellow teeth are common among people and it may not be the reasons you think, brushing and flossing are just half the battle, there are many factors that effects the color of your teeth, this article will go into depth on why exactly your teeth are discolored and what can you possibly do about it.


Teeth Whitening Genetics

Genetics:  Yes, unfortunately part of the color of your teeth is based upon genetics.  Everyone is born with a certain color, so just because your friends teeth may be whiter or yellower than your own, does not mean that he/she is taking more/less care of their teeth than you are, it can simply come down to their genetics.




Smoking Yellow Teeth

Smoking: Smoking doesn’t only give you lung cancer, hardening of teeth and plaque; it also can have a huge effect on the color of your teeth.  Cigarettes contain about 30 different chemicals, when you inhale a cigarette, residue from those 30 chemicals gradually leaves you a pretty yellowing stain on your teeth.  The more you smoke the more the polish of your teeth will wear off and they become vulnerable to damage and discoloration.



Teeth Yellowing

Age: Yes it’s true, age can and will take a toll on the color of your teeth.  This is because the enamel (outside covering of your teeth) gets thinner as you age.  After that, the inner parts of your teeth (dentin) start to discolor.  As people get older and experience this they usually look into Laser Teeth Whitening or Teeth Whitening Strips in order to maintain or enhance their teeth color.




Foods/Drinks: There are many foods/drinks out there that can stain teeth, some worse than others. Listed below are the main culprits for your possible teeth yellowing. *No Particular Order*


Coffee Teeth Whitening

Black Coffee – Sorry coffee lovers but this is bad news for your teeth.  The darker your coffee is then the darker your teeth will become.  If you are a daily coffee drinker then you will gradually notice a more diming smile than you had before.  Frequent coffee drinkers should look into teeth whitening strips for a fast track way to get healthier and whiter teeth in about 30 minutes per day.




Teeth Whitening Red Wine

Red Wine – The reason why red wine will discolor your teeth is because it contains polyphenols.  Polyphenols is the primary reason for tooth discoloration in red wine, the alcohol in red wine will also discolor your teeth because it is highly acidic.  In order to reduce the chances of wine yellowing your teeth, it is recommended to at least rinse with mouthwash immediately after drinking.




Teeth Whitening Black Tea

Tea – It is a true statement that tea is great for dental health BUT, it is Black tea that causes the worse stains.  Black tea is the #1 drink that causes teeth discoloration so it may be a wiser choice to drink lighter teas.  If you are just one of those people who just can’t give up black tea then it is recommended that you drink it through a straw at room temperature.  If your tea is really hot or really cold then it can cause your teeth pores to open and cause PERMANENT stains.  If you experience permanent stains then Laser Teeth Whitening should be something to consider.



Dark Sodas: Now it’s true that we all love us a cold coca cola on a hot summer day, little do you may know, this may not be the best choice for your teeth.  Dark sodas are extremely harmful to teeth discoloration.  If you do want to continue to drink your dark sodas without worrying about the discoloration of teeth then it is recommended that you drink it through a straw in order to avoid the direct contact with your teeth.




Cranberry Juice: There is a ton of sugar in cranberry juice and sugar is not really good for your teeth at all.  In order to avoid discoloration of teeth, you should drink it through a straw or if you do decide to drink it using a cup, it is recommended that you rinse your mouth out with water or mouthwash directly after drinking.




Soy Sauce: I am glad I prefer duck sauce.  Soy sauce contains chemicals that sticks to your teeth and the color pigments in it really stain deep.





Tomato Sauce: Much like soy sauce, tomato sauce also sticks to your teeth, causing discoloration.





Curry: If you’re like me then you love Indian cuisine and you can’t get enough of curry chicken.  Unfortunately, curry chicken will really do a great job at staining your teeth.  Every time I finish eating curry, I go to the restroom as soon as possible to brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash.





Just like there are food/drinks that can discolor your teeth, there are also plenty of foods that can actually assist in teeth whitening.  There are 7 foods main foods that assist in the whitening of your teeth with no additional effort.



There are a ton of reasons why someone’s teeth may be yellow and that is beyond this article.  Listed above are some of the main reasons that someone’s teeth may see discoloration.  If you wish to have whiter teeth, it all starts with yourself.  The first thing you should do is eat foods that assist in teeth whitening, it is important that you make this a daily habit.  If you’re looking for a more affordable way to whiten your teeth then teeth whitening strips is the way to go, they literally take 30 minutes each day and it has results that lasts a long time.  Lastly, if your staining is really bad and you just can’t seem to get a brighter smile, I suggest you look into Laser Teeth Whitening, this is one of the safest and most commons ways to have permanent teeth whitening.


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